In the studio recording Trilogy: Dawn


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As some of you know we finally entered the recording studio last week to begin work on Trilogy: Dawn, the first of three concept albums. At the time of writing, drums are done (10 album tracks, 2 bonus tracks), Dave’s guitars and most vocals are tracked. Next week it’s more vocals, then Greg & Gazz to bang out their parts.

So far it’s been a fun chilled out session alongside our long time collaborator producer sonic wizard Mike Curtis at the ever expanding CDS Studios. We’ve also brought in our good friend Dan Eden into the fold to document the entire Trilogy affair instead of our usual goofy videos! We can’t won’t say we’re acting like adults but we’re at least pretending to…

Trilogy is going to be a trio of albums exploring birth, life & death with this particular record focusing on birth, beginnings, childhood & youth. One interesting angle is that we’ve used two very old ideas demoed years ago which is only one of many things that ties it all together as a piece that focuses on our earlier times.

We’re currently sorting out not one but TWO music videos to launch the first album campaign with & have hired a new team that we’re seriously excited about. The Trilogy cycle will continue well into 2016 so you’ll be hearing a lot more from us soon!

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2 thoughts on “In the studio recording Trilogy: Dawn”

  1. You should definitely redo Ruins. Maybe as a bonus track? It was one of the highlights of your older stuff for many of your fans, but never really got the attention it deserved, and at least for me, brings back many memories of my childhood and teenage years, and I hope it does for you as well.

    It’s not totally unheard of to do a ‘part 2’ to a track either, telling more of the story years on, and reminiscing about the good old days at the same time.

    I’m as much of a fan now, almost 30 years old, as I was when I first heard you guys during secondary school. Stoked that you guys are doing a concept album.

    1. Cheers Adam. It’s a song that Dave originally wanted on the album but was not allowed at the time – we’re all fond of it! Very busy with the currently planned tracks for Trilogy but you know! Gazz

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