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Hi, we are InMe and we make music. We aren’t the biggest or the smallest band in the world but we love doing what we do. This last year we have been funded by a small group of very important supporters, without which we couldn’t have done a lot of the things we did. Crowd funding has its place, but subscription is a much more reliable way for us to feel secure in spending more of our time on InMe and making music.

The music industry has changed significantly since when we first started, bands struggle to make money from most of their listeners who tend to stream their music digitally for free. We are adapting and with the support of just our core fanbase we will continue to make music for the rest of our lives.

All we are asking is that if you feel you are that core fanbase, not just a casual listener, then please wear that badge with pride. Support us, be a part of us.

Thank you all so much,
Dave, Greg, Simon and Gazz.

InMe BRONZE Backer: £3 per month
What you get: An exclusive, high quality subscriber-only song every second month, access to the InMe subscriber VLOGS and a postcard from us at Christmas.

InMe SILVER Backer: £6 per month
What you get: All of the above PLUS a bigger annual gift pack from us (including a CD of this years subscriber songs) and your name in the thanks list of our future albums.

InMe GOLD Backer: £15 per month (you guys are so important to us)
What you get: All of both the above PLUS the biggest annual gift pack from us (awesome surprise treats, trust us!), guest list to any of our headline shows (loads of notice please) and more gratitude than you realise.


Thank you as always,
Dave, Greg, Gazz & Si